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A short selection of my MPEG3 Songs available for download. 

  If your Sound System is working, the clip you can hear is from 'At the Atti on a Sat'y'.

This is a low quality 8bit mono clip to save download time. To hear again, change page and return.

This page is NOT an ego trip. I have no illusions about my musical abilities. I simply love music and one of the best ways to enjoy music is to become involved with making it! Having spent hours making the stuff it occurred to me that some other people may like it also.

Listen to my latest song with Streaming Real Audio. 

IMy Music could best be described as 60's Romantic. I love strong melody and multiple rhyming lyrics.

Method: The backing tracks were made mostly on 'Magix Music Maker V2000'. This program uses a large library of CD quality sound recordings of real musicians cut to strict tempo in multiples of Bars. These Bars are laid down on virtual tracks by dragging and dropping the clips. These clips are grouped by Music type and Tempo. Once the group is chosen there are various instrument types to choose from all of which match each other in duration and theme. It really is like building with LEGO. All the timing is assured. You can record your own sounds whilst listening to the existing composition. I save these tracks (voice) as separate tracks for individual processing.

The biggest problem was that the original program was very flaky and crashed often. I verified this by running the program on many different flavours of PCs. Also it had the annoying ability to save files over existing ones of the same name without warning. After sending many e-mails to MAGIX they finally sent me their later program 'music maker generation 5'. This is much more stable and having tried it on several machines I can recommend it. If you do have problems with crashes with the above programs, try updating your graphics card driver. The programs are very sensitive about graphics.

I add effects to the different tracks with 'Cool Edit'. This is a great program for sound manipulation. It's completely stable and has a vast array of effects.

I produce the final mix on 'Media Studio Pro' using the sound tracks only. This gives me a multi track sound mixer that allows sections of mixed sound to be played for evaluation. It also allows me to include non-magix WAV files from other sources. Finally the entire project is output as a CD quality wave file. The wave files can be written to CD R's to produce a completely standard audio CD. 

The following songs can be downloaded in MPEG3 format. Right click on song title and then 'save target as'.

'At the Atti' on a Sat'y'   (short version) 3.3 Mins 3.5 Meg

'Have a drink with me'      4:14 Mins. 3.98 Meg

'Hope is a second chance to smile'        4:04 Mins. 3.78 Meg. 

        'Amanda Wilthrop'      3.52 Mins 3.12 Meg. Ode to a frustrated teenager.

Song Descriptions:

'At the Atti' on a Sat'y' is about my local Pub, The Attimore Hall'. Every Saturday Night they had a Disco which filled the Pub. This songs was written to give the regulars their own dance anthem. I kept selling my CDs for a pint. I was not getting rich but I did get drunk! Cheers. 

'Have a drink with me' was written in 1982 just after friends from the USA, Dave and Cathy, came to visit us in East Sussex, UK. It was a great excuse to show off English Pubs and I remember one idyllic day by the river in Cambridge. I made this song then but it needed some better accompaniment than I could provide and I let it go. Now with the ability to make complex backings on the computer the song was revisited and on the weekend of 15th April this year it was reborn. If you're reading this, Dave and Cathy, thanks for the memory!

'Hope is a second chance to smile', is about my becoming a Granddad and very pleased about it too. It is basically about all my children and my Grandson 'Dylan' features in the 1st verse with short Baby Riffs!

'Amanda Wilthrop'' Most guys won't admit to a frustrating teenage love life but this song will bring eyes to your tears if you empathise with me. Of course, Amanda Wilthrop does not actually exist. She is an amalgam of various women that in later life I met after I had sorted out what was what. Still! where was she?

In the unlikely event that you can stand more, I can supply a CD with 8 of my songs, including those above, for 5 or $7 all postage paid to wherever. Just send me an e-mail at brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

NOTE: I claim full copyright for the above songs, for the tunes, lyrics, performances and productions. The sound sample files supplied by MAGIX are royalty free for commercial purposes providing that they are referenced as 'MAGIX CREATION'.                

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